Carol Janelle CCH RYT WFR

Licensed Avatar Master
Certified Classical Homeopath
Registered Yoga Teacher/Therapist
Nutritional Guidance/ Super Foods
Wilderness Hiking Guide Extraordinaire
Wilderness First Responder

Personal Statement by the Founder

Welcome, My name is Carol Janelle. I’ve had over 30 years experience in Natural Ways to Health.

My passion is the unfolding awareness that leads people to vibrant health- a state of excitement about their bodies, their energy and their lives. We offer hiking, yoga, wilderness adventure, homeopathy, nutritional guidance, and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. I started Wild Wellness to meet the demand of many clients needing on-going support, a one-on-one approach. At Wild Wellness, we believe that it’s important to develop a deeper relationship with our clients and needs, and we understand that health is an ever-changing landscape.

The mission of Wild Wellness is to restore vitality and renew how you feel and function every day, no matter what age or what is happening now. We guide you thru the steps with simple customized plans that are effective and affordable. Life is a journey; A continuous unfolding and discovering. As we grow, our needs change. We are here to help guide you and create a resilient flow of energy for you to handle any change life offers.

We want you to experience feeling peaceful and well. We also want you to experience that Wellness feeling of Wild, Creative, and Free!

Let us help you be your Vibrant and Unique Self!

With Love and Gratitude,